AHIR FREIGHT CARRIER's mission is to improve the standards of efficiency, safety, and security as well as the environmental and social impacts of the transport and logistics of chemical goods in India.

AHIR FREIGHT CARRIERS is one of the most trusted road transport operators and fleet owners in Gandhidham with a fleet strength of 95 owned Tankers and tailor vehicles. We work in tanker transportation across India for various chemical products. The company was found by Vinodkumar Sharma , Devjibhai Myatra and Shamjibhai Myatra was established it in the year 2001. AHIR FREIGHT CARRIERS aimed to - Carrying your confidence. We have a dedicated team of professional employees have more than 10 years of experience in transportation business.

We have 95 own M.S & S.S. types tankers & trailors / containers and attached more than 80 M.S. & S.S. tankers. Loading capacity of tankers is 21MT, 25MT, 27 MT, 33MT and loading capacity of trailors-containers is 20 , 40. We have transportation of liquid cargos : Non-hazardous chemicals, Chemicals products of different hazard classes and transportation of container trailer. Our all drivers trained for hazards & non-hazardous chemical products. Our all tankers have safety tools as explosive license / All india permit / Calibration certificate / PUC / Insurance / RTO taxes / Suraksha / Chemical license.

Teamwork & employee empowerment is fundamental to our culture. We respect value input and opinion. Health & safety of our workforce is a priority for us. Quality of our work is high and aiming to be at part with international standards. Safe practices are adopted in whatever we do. We have a well established infrastructure for supporting its operation. We have a well established office set up, technical support department.

Effective management of assets through qualified and motivated professionals is important as the industry becomes increasingly regulated and quality conscious. In addition to owning a well-diversified fleet for logistics & handling, It is our constant endeavor to avail of the best management resources and adopt the best technological practices within the industry to serve our clients needs well.



" We appreciate & value your business, we also recognize that there are many factors to consider when choosing a transportation partner. We try to alleviate your pressures by helping to solve all variables in your unique complex supply chain and transportation operation at the same time maintaining a level of comfort and assurance along the way. As the industry`s most dynamic carrier, Ahir Freight Carriers continues to enhance its portfolio with specialty operations to meet your unique needs."

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